A Step Forward – Initiative by RMISG

Step just one step in the right direction can change lives.

Step small maybe for us but a huge leap forward for all of you. Stepping forward into the future of education we launched our dream of reaching out to the aspirants in far flung areas as well as nearby. Yesterday the PCS Mains batch was started with an amazing response from the students. Discussions we mainly on the answer writing skills and how to develop them but the major achievement was that we managed to reach out to students from various parts of Punjab.

I once read an article “Smartphones – Do they make you smarter?” Well today we can definitely say that yes they can. With yesterdays launch of our “Reach Out” programme we were able to connect with many students through their smartphones.

We received a huge response for our yesterday’s class and today we wanted to thank all our patrons in believing in us and showing us that if intentions are right and we work diligently towards our goals nothing is impossible. These were the words which we have said to so many aspirants over the years and today you all have shown that each of these words have a great meaning.

With the launch of our “Reach Out” programme were able to provide two-way interactive classes to students over their smartphones. A step in the right direction, as we saw, that even with a simple 3G connection students were able to connect with the live class in Chandigarh and were able to communicate with the teachers without any issues.

With this achievement now our real dream of “MAKING EDUCATION AFFORDABLE” is not far away.

For students who are unable to come to Chandigarh or reach our remote centers we will provide with the online classes through their smartphones. (we recommend that you have a high speed internet connection for that).

The structure of the  PCS Mains Course is as follows:-

  1. 50 Classes in total
  2. Weekly Test of each component
  3. Essay Class every weekend 
  4. 10 days of rigorous testing
  5. 150+ questions each to be structured and discussed in class for GS Papers I, II, III and IV respectively
  6. 5 Newspapers and 5 Magazines to be discussed within class everyday
  7. Special lectures by selected candidates 

Last but not the least we wish to convey a special thanks to one of our online students who made the recording of the session which he took over the smartphone and had sent it to us. Just click the video below to see it.


3 thoughts on “A Step Forward – Initiative by RMISG”

  1. I took this class on my phone yesterday Sir. Many thanks for this initiative. It is like a boon to students like us. Many thanks. The quality of the video and audio was very good.
    The video did break for 2 to 3 minutes in between but I got a message within seconds of that happening and got reconnected. Your IT staff was very helpful. I wish you all a successful time ahead.
    Thank you Sir

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