Myths About UPSC Exam

Top 5 Myths About UPSC Exam

Myths About UPSC Exam

The UPSC Civil Services Exam is considered one of the toughest exam in our country. Even though it is a partial truth, there is nothing to be scared of. There are a lot of statements that people generally make about UPSC Civil Services Exam that can be considered as myths. So let’s discuss them to find out what should concern you and what should not.

Myths About UPSC Exam

UPSC is an Exam for Toppers

If you are an average student and start preparing for the Civil Services Examination, the first thing people tell you is that it’s just a waste of time because only topper students can crack it. This is the biggest myth spread by our society. This exam has nothing to do with your marks in graduation or school. UPSC needs candidates who have sufficient aptitude to become an IAS officer. If you can prepare sincerely for this exam, then you can definitely crack it. Most of the candidates that get selected come from an average background. But they are dedicated to their goal and ready to give it their all. So, ignore the comments from your neighbors and start working.

IAS Aspirants Study for 15-20 Hours Every Day

No one can study for more than 3-4 hours with full concentration. People who claim to study for 15 hours are just not telling you the truth. It is possible to sit in front of a book for long, but that doesn’t count as studying. If you can give a quality study time of around 4 hours, it is enough to make sure that you crack the UPSC Civil Services Exam. Make a schedule that covers the complete syllabus in an adequate time period. Make sure you are trying to fool yourself by just sitting in front of books all day long. If you have good concentration, you can study for long but make sure you take breaks after every couple of hours. So that you don’t zone out while studying. After all, our brain needs rest too.

IAS Aspirants Study Hundreds of Books

No. Infact successful candidates choose a particular set of books and then study them in complete detail. You must have seen or heard that students preparing for CSE bury themselves in books. They trap themselves in a room full of notes and books. While there are some exceptions, such students hardly succeed. For a good rank in CSE, you have to be able to manage your studies efficiently. There is no use in gathering a lot of information and then not being able to process all that data. Choosing what’s essential for the exam from all the available information is vital for proper preparation. Make sure you don’t lose your aim when everything is available on your fingertips.

English Medium is Required to Become an IAS

Students coming from any medium other than English feel like they are not at a higher level. That’s not the truth for UPSC CSE. UPSC is one of the most transparent exams in our country. It gives equal opportunity to students coming from different backgrounds. It doesn’t matter what language you choose, the only important thing is to express your thoughts in an honest way. The quality of content is more important than the language of your answer. To become a better writer, it is crucial that you practice writing essays every day. If you feel that the quality of your content is not good enough, you can start developing a reading habit. Read useful articles from famous writers. Try to incorporate the best elements of their style in your writing.

Luck is Required to Crack Civil Services Exam (Myths About UPSC Exam)

Only hard work and dedication can help you reach the heights in your life. You must have heard the famous saying,” God only helps those who help themselves.” Those who make excuses like blaming luck for their failure are unlikely to succeed. Instead of making such excuses, it is important to analyze failures and find ways to improve the efforts. It is easy to fall for traps that allow you to put your mistake on something else. But unless you accept your errors, you will not progress. So, be brave enough to take your failure but also learn from your mistakes and find ways to move forward.

These were some of the myth that needed to be broken. Before you start preparing for the UPSC Civil Services Examination, make a note of these points. Don’t pay attention to what others say. Just turn on the noise cancellation in your mind and stay focused on your goal.

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All the best for your preparations.

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