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Level Up Your UPSC Prep: Leverage the Power of Anthropology

One of the most sought-after tests in the country is the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) Civil Services Examination. The Exam also has three parts: the Prelims, the Mian, and the Interview. People who are taking the Main exam can choose any subject they want. Anthropology is one of the most popular topics out of the 47 available. A lot of people from all kinds of fields are interested in anthropology these days. The alternative subject of the Anthropology Syllabus for UPSC (Paper 1) talks about what Anthropology is and how it works. The connection to other fields of study. How society, culture, and people have changed over time. The syllabus for the first paper focuses on the parts of Marriage, Family, and Kinship. Religion and the way the economy and government work are also important parts of the curriculum. In UPSC Paper 2, you will be asked to apply what you've learned about anthropology and answer questions about anthropological ideas about India and its society, including questions about the identities of tribes and how anthropology helps us understand society through its lens.

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How RAJ IAS offers the best coaching for Anthropology for optional ?

RAJ IAS is one of the most effective coaching programs for the Anthropology optional exam at UPSC. Mr. DIKSHANT SHARMA, an accomplished faculty member, has a wealth of experience assisting students with their preparation. The Coaching offers a dedicated practical test series developed by subject matter experts who possess a wealth of experience. Additionally, the Coaching program offers consistent mentorship in the Mains answer writing program. The students receive consistent feedback regarding the structure of their responses. The advisors assist with pertinent current affairs in accordance with the requirements of the question paper. The mentors provide the best hosts and Instagram reels to offer a more engaging and effective method of learning typical things. Additionally, you can receive daily updates on YouTube videos.

Three good reasons to choose Anthropology as an optional topic for the UPSC

Unique Edge and Scoring

Stand out with a new point of view and the chance to get good marks because the subject's syllabus is manageable.

Holistic Advantage

Learn a lot about society, culture, and how people act, which is useful in all UPSC classes.

Improves Skills

Learn how to think scientifically, analyze data, and reason logically, all of which are important for the UPSC test.

Why should one select Raj IAS Academy for Anthropology?

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