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Fulfill Your Civil Service Ambitions with Raj IAS Academy Hoshiarpur

Do you aspire to achieve a coveted position in the HCS, PCS, or HAS services or to successfully pass the prestigious UPSC exam? Search no further than Raj IAS Academy Hoshiarpur!
We are a premier coaching institute that is committed to enabling students in Hoshiarpur to achieve success in all phases of a variety of civil service examinations. Raj ias Academy is one of the best Hcs coaching institutes in Hoshiarpur. Our exhaustive programs and experienced faculty will provide you with the knowledge, skills, and strategies necessary for success, regardless of whether your goals include the IAS, the administrative services of your state (PCS or HAS), or the esteemed HCS.


UPSC Foundation Course

Our NCERT Foundation Course will provide you with a strong foundation for your UPSC voyage. This program emphasizes a comprehensive examination of the NCERT curriculum, which serves as the foundation for UPSC preparation. Develop critical thinking skills and master fundamental concepts with the assistance of seasoned faculty.


NCERT Course

This course is designed to provide a structured approach to comprehending the fundamental subjects that are tested in the UPSC Prelims, with a specific focus on the NCERT textbooks.

State PCS (HCS, HAS, PCS, etc.) Course

Are you preparing for the PCS exam in your state? We provide specialized coaching programs that are customized to meet the unique requirements of each state's PCS (HCS, HAS, etc.) exam. Our faculty will provide you with guidance on subject-specific content, state-specific nuances, and exam-oriented strategies.

Fulfill Your Civil Service Ambitions With Us!

Raj IAS Academy: Your companion in achieving success in the realm of current affairs.

A profound comprehension of contemporary affairs is the foundation of UPSC's success. At Raj IAS Academy, we surpass mere headlines. Our daily Hindu analysis for upsc, which is accessible on our website and YouTube channel, is conducted by a team of expert faculty members who delve deeper. We analyze editorials and news stories from The Hindu, a reputable source renowned for its insightful commentary. We investigate not only the primary points but also the counterarguments and potential solutions. This comprehensive approach enables you to comprehend the intricacies of critical issues and develop well-rounded perspectives, a skill set that is essential for achieving success in the UPSC exam. Study in your hometown from the best upsc coaching institute in Hoshiarpur.

Daily News Analysis

Obtain a perceptive examination of commonplace news events to assist you in understanding their significance, repercussions, and potential relevance to the UPSC exam.

Professional Guidance

Professors with extensive experience organize intricate editorials and news articles into logically coherent sections.

In-depth Analysis

Gain a more comprehensive understanding of current events and their potential impact on various sectors of the economy, society, and governance, all of which are critical subjects for UPSC.


You can access these educational videos at any time and from any location to stay informed and integrate news analysis into your study schedule.

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