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The State Public Service Commission is the complete form of State PCS, while UPSC is the Union Public Service Commission. The UPSC Civil Services exam or UPSC IAS exam, which is the country's highest-level examination, is administered by UPSC. The UPSC IAS and State PCS 2024 exams are administered annually to select candidates for the Civil Service. The assessments are classified as Group A and B services. In order to qualify for an appointment to the service, candidates must take a competitive examination. The recruitment process for UPSC and State PCS exams typically consists of three phases. The Prelims are the initial stage, followed by the Mains and, finally, an interview. Candidates are recruited into government positions through the three phases of the UPSC exam: BPSC, MPPSC, and UPPSC, among others.

The examination evaluates the candidate's comprehension of the state's history, politics, and geography. The RAJ IAS academy emphasizes the comprehensive assessment of General Knowledge, which encompasses comprehension of all fundamental concepts. The PCS is no exception, as is the case with any civil services examination. The student is anticipated to encounter question papers that are difficult to answer and necessitate logical and analytical reasoning. RAJ IAS Institute provides comprehensive study materials that are accompanied by written examinations on each topic, thereby enabling each candidate to master the syllabus proficiently. Additionally, candidates must possess detailed knowledge of fundamental subjects, such as Indian Culture, History, and Geography, in order to prepare for the PCS exam. Our deemed faculty's secrets and tricks, which are incorporated into the course material, give students a competitive advantage over other aspirants and facilitate their success in the PCS exam.


The Indian state services include the Provincial Civil Service or PCS for short. The PCS services and recruitment processes vary throughout states. For instance, the Uttar Pradesh PCS exam is administered by the UPPSC (Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission). It falls under Groups A and B of the various states' executive branches of government.

What is the process for becoming a PCS Officer?

Eligibility for the PCS Exam

Pattern of the PCS Exam

Preliminary Examination

It comprises two objective question papers. Additionally, one-third of a mark is deducted for each improper response.

Paper Name

No. of Questions

Total Marks


CSAT ( Civil services Aptitude test)



2 Hours

General studies



2 Hours

PCS Main Exam Pattern

The examination comprises 1500 questions and is taken in writing. The mains examination shall consist of eight distinct papers, as opposed to the previous stage, including:


The interview is the final stage of the UPPSC examination, similar to the UPSC examination. Candidates who have completed the main examination are permitted to participate in the interview. The candidate is responsible for preparing for the interview stage, which is not founded on a predetermined syllabus.

What methods do we employ to prepare you for the PCS Exam?

We at RAJ IAS ACADEMY strongly encourage all prospective candidates to adhere to a few of the most important guidelines. These guidelines are indispensable for achieving success in a demanding examination such as PCS.

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