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Geography is one of the best options

The possibility of an excellent optional subject improves the aspirants' degree of preparation. Among the optional courses the aspirants choose most is geography. Geography is a useful topic in the prelims as much as the Main Exam. The Physical, Social, and Economic Geography of India and the World runs over the prelims syllabus. Paper 1 and Paper 2 constitute the major tests. Comprising the main subjects and supporting the General Studies paper, Paper 1 consists of Geomorphology, Climatology, Oceanography, Biogeography, and Environmental Geography. Parts of human geography and planning also abound in Paper 1. Paper 2 covers the physical surroundings, tools, agriculture, industry, and transportation—It also covers regional growth and planning, political considerations, and modern problems. When an applicant picks a particular option, the preparation should be exhaustive.

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The most exceptional faculty member in the field of geography

Release your Geography potential for UPSC under the expert tutelage of Sir Harshit at Raj IAS Academy! Sir Harshit, a faculty member with extensive experience and exceptional talent, employs instructional YouTube videos to illustrate his distinctive teaching methodology. His straightforward approach simplifies the comprehension of even the most complex Geography concepts. This unique blend of information and accessibility enables you to comprehend the intricacies of the subject matter and confidently navigate the UPSC examination. In addition to studying philosophy with Sir Harshit at Raj IAS Academy, one can also achieve a high level of proficiency in the subject.

The rationale for selecting geography as an optional subject for the UPSC is as follows

Potential for High Scores

Geography is a subject that is well-defined and leaves less space for interpretation. Diagrams, maps, and data can be used to substantiate answers, which may result in higher grades.

General Studies Overlaps

The UPSC Geography syllabus has a substantial overlap with General Studies Paper I (Society) and Paper III (Science & Technology, Environment, Security & Disaster Management). This enables you to prepare for both sections simultaneously.

Scientific and Relatively Easier Concepts

Geography provides a logical and scientific approach, which makes concepts more accessible than those in certain humanities subjects.

In order to facilitate your ascent to UPSC, enroll in the Geography program at Raj IAS Academy

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