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Think like a topper and choose Philosophy for a High Score

The Philosophy Optional has the least syllabus among all the optional papers in the UPSC curriculum. Therefore, it is a great option for UPSC aspirants. Candidates with any educational background are qualified to enroll in the optional philosophy course. This course is a great approach for many applicants to raise their final marks. Every year, in preparation for the UPSC Mains test, over 800–1000 persons enroll in Philosophy Optional. Since this optional paper is subjective, students might raise their chances of getting good marks by only grasping the fundamental concepts. Those who follow a strong UPSC preparation plan will perform very well in the optional Philosophy.

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Best Philosophy Faculty Member

Under the competent guidance of Sir Rahul Singla at Raj IAS Academy, release your philosophical potential for UPSC! Highly talented and experienced faculty member Sir Rahul brings his unique teaching approach to life with instructional YouTube videos. His simple approach facilitates understanding of even challenging philosophical concepts. This unique combination of information and availability helps you to grasp the subtleties of the subject and fearlessly negotiate the UPSC test. Not only study philosophy at Raj IAS Academy with Sir Rahul Singla but master it!

Why you should take philosophy as an optional subject for the UPSC ?

Manageable schedule

Philosophy's schedule is short and stable compared to other options. This lets you focus on studying and makes it easier to keep up with current events.

It helps you think critically and write better

Philosophy improves your ability to look at facts, find reasons, and come up with answers that make sense. This is good for both the General Studies and Optional Studies parts of the UPSC Mains test.

Improve understanding level

It helps you understand things better because philosophical ideas often connect to topics in the Essay paper and the Ethics paper. Philosophy enables you to understand these things better and gives you a deeper way to look at them.

Learn philosophy at Raj IAS Academy to help you on your journey to UPSC

Live Classes

In live classes led by experts, you can interact with our esteemed teachers in real-time, ask questions, and gain a deep understanding of the material.

Comprehensive Study Materials

Access to extra materials and well-organized PDF notes can help you understand better.

Back-up recordings of lectures

Did you miss a live episode? Don't worry! You can listen to records whenever you want to make sure you get everything important.

Regular Test Series

Test your studying and knowledge by taking regular tests that are designed to look and be as hard as the UPSC exam.

Practice Writing Answers

You can get better at writing answers by going to sessions where you can do nothing but write and getting comments from experienced mentors.

Increase knowledge

Move beyond the limits of memorization. We work to get a full understanding of how the ideas, concepts, and applications of public administration work in the real world.

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