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Among the several competitive tests offered in India for different posts in the Indian Government is UPSC CSE. Three phases define the Exam: Preliminary, Main, and Interview. Moreover, applicants for the Main exam have the option to select one optional subject of their liking. Among the 48 Optional Subjects UPSC offers for the Main Exam are Political Science and International Research (PSIR). In two sections of PSIR, Political Science addresses political concepts, laws, and more from different angles. International Research covers subjects such as global news and the interactions between many nations. The topic also consists of two papers, each worth 250 marks, therefore adding 500 marks overall.

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RAJ IAS is the first choice of aspirants regarding PSIR Optional Coaching. Moreover, this pristine coaching institute provides the best teacher for PSIR Optional, MR. ANUJ SHARMA. Sir has a profound knowledge of PSIR and is keen on sharing his knowledge with his students. Moreover, he ensures that every student receives the best education for PSIR Optional subjects. RAJ IAS believes in a small batch size of about 40-50 students; this is to make certain that every student gets personal attention and guidance from the teacher. Furthermore, this also ensured better two-way communication between the faculty and the students. Doubt-solving sessions are held after every class to ensure that all the students’ queries get resolved. Additionally, test series are held at the coaching institute to check students’ progress. Personalized feedback is given to the students based on their performance; this helps students figure out their weak points and work on them.

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