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History for UPSC

Boosting Your Score in Mains & Prelims

History is a valuable tool for comprehending the past, as well as its influence on the present and prospective future events. In other words, it is "The Key to Understanding Today." History is primarily a static elective for UPSC. History is one of the 48 disciplines available on the UPSC optional subject list. The UPSC history syllabus places a high value on a candidate's comprehension of historical research methodologies and their familiarity with chronological events. Furthermore, it is addressed in General Studies Paper 1 for the Mains section of the IAS Exam. History is a distinctive optional subject for the UPSC IAS Exam. It is captivating and provides insight into our history, which is permeated with tradition and culture. It is essential for the UPSC Mains and IAS Prelims exams. For candidates who intend to pursue a career in history, the general studies examination and preparatory exams will contain a reduced number of questions.

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Best History Optional Coach

The Best Optional History Teachers, including Mr. Raj Malhotra, are available at the RAJ IAS ACADEMY. Although Sir has taught history for more than 22 years, what matters most is that thousands of students have benefited from his excellent mentoring by passing the UPSC and state exams and going on to become highly regarded IAS, IPS, and IRS officers. He is also a very skilled and knowledgeable History Optional educator. He is also renowned for their cordial attitude towards students. In addition to this, Mr. Raj Malhotra uses an interactive, test-series, and note-giving method of instruction. He also personally answers students' questions. He provides the best History Optional test series and gives tests on a regular basis whenever each topic is completed.

Raj IAS will provide you

The necessary guidance to excel in History as your UPSC Optional Subject

The following are the three primary focal areas:

Strategic Syllabus Navigation

Raj IAS simplifies the extensive UPSC History syllabus. We will assist you in organizing topics according to their importance, developing a study plan, and ensuring that you comprehend both the chronology and the primary themes.

In-depth comprehension

Advance beyond the confines of rote memorization. Raj IAS cultivates a profound understanding of historical concepts, movements, and figures. This analytical approach is designed to enable you to address intricate concerns confidently.

Mastery of Answer Writing

Raj IAS refines your ability to write responses tailored to the UPSC's requirements. We will assist you in developing well-organized, insightful responses that demonstrate your analytical skills and historical knowledge.

Features of Raj IAS Academy that are Most Important

Live Classes

Enhance your learning experience by engaging in real-time discussions, asking questions, and interacting with expert faculty.

The following recordings are accessible

Forgot to attend a class? There is no need for concern! Review live sessions at your convenience to solidify concepts and guarantee that you do not overlook any information.

PDF Notes

Get comprehensive and well-organized study materials in PDF format for convenient reference, revision, and note-taking during lectures.

Consistent Test Series

Evaluate your comprehension and exam preparedness with frequent test series that are specifically designed to replicate the UPSC format and level of difficulty.

Practice Writing Answers

Cultivate the ability to compose UPSC-worthy responses through personalized feedback and dedicated sessions with experienced mentors.

Mentorship from Experts

Receive the guidance and support of experienced UPSC History faculty members who offer personalized feedback and inspire you through your academic journey.

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