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The Best IAS Institute for Your UPSC Journey

Like Mahatma Gandhi, who thought that education gives people the power to reach their full potential, Raj IAS Academy Jalandhar has become the best place for people in the area to learn how to become IAS officers. From the start, our only goal has been to give students the information and skills they need to do well on the IAS exam. We believe in creating programs that not only help you do well on competitive exams but also make you a responsible person who wants to make the world a better place. Our carefully thought-out programs are meant to help you reach your UPSC goals by focusing on academic excellence and personal growth. Raj IAS academy is the best pcs coaching in Jalandhar,where You can start a life-changing path to becoming a successful civil servant and a force for good change by joining Raj IAS Academy Jalandhar.


Our full HAS coaching program gives you the information, skills, and strategies you need to do well on the difficult HAS test.


The UPSC Foundation Course from Raj IAS Academy is meant to give you a complete idea of the NCERT curriculum, which is the most important part of preparing for the UPSC.


Raj IAS Academy has everything you need to do well on the PCS test. We have complete training plans that are made to fit the needs of each state's PCS exam.

Civil Service Examination

UPSC administers civil services examinations at the national level to recruit candidates for the Indian Administrative Service (IAS), Indian Police Service (IPS), and other central services. The selection procedure is divided into three phases: the Prelims Examination (Objective type), the Mains Examination (Subjective type), and the Personality Test (Interview).

You can keep informed with the daily news analysis and Hindu editorial analysis available from Raj IAS Academy on the YouTube Channel.

Get a perceptive study of everyday news events to help you grasp their importance, consequences, and possible UPSC test relevance.

Explore further editorials from The Hindu, a top Indian newspaper distinguished by excellent insight. Essential abilities for the UPSC Mains test are learning how to assess these editorials critically, spot important arguments, and develop your educated conclusions.

Experienced professors divide difficult news and editorials into logically coherent chunks.

Learn more about current events and how they could affect several spheres of government, society, and the economy – all essential subjects for UPSC.

Anywhere, at any time, access these educational videos to keep current on the fly and incorporate news analysis into your study calendar.

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