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Master UPSC with a Sociological Lens

Three stages define the UPSC CSE test: the Preliminary, Main, and Personality Tests. Furthermore, sociology is among the optional papers on the main test. Sociology is the study of social interactions, human connections, human behavior and its repercussions, and human society. It also emphasizes the numerous facets of culture and their effects on daily life. Students also have to hone their writing, analytical, and critical thinking abilities if they are to finish the Sociology Optional paper effectively. Furthermore, sociology is an optional subject among the most often used subjects in the UPSC Main test. The optional paper has 500 marks—250 for the first and second papers. Sociology is a popular elective chosen by UPSC CSE top performers in the UPSC main test.

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Best Faculty For Sociology

With the professional direction of Sir Amanjot Singh at Raj IAS Academy, release your potential in Sociology for UPSC! Through instructive YouTube videos, highly skilled and experienced faculty member Sir Amanjot brings his interesting teaching style to life. His easy approachability helps even difficult sociological ideas to be understood. This special mix of knowledge and availability allows you to understand the nuances of the topic and boldly negotiate the UPSC test. Not only study sociology, but master it at Raj IAS Academy under Sir Amanjot Singh!

Why Should You Take Sociology as an Optional Subject for the UPSC?

Strategic Advantage and Scoring Possibilities

Sociology gives you a unique view of society, culture, and change. It can help you understand General Studies papers better and, thanks to its reasonable syllabus, could help you get good grades in the optional section.

Holistic Approach

Sociology teaches you how to think critically and use facts to look at social problems, government, and public policy, all of which are very useful for the UPSC exam.

Strong Foundation for All Stages

Sociology gives you a greater understanding of many social problems, which makes it easier to write essays, answer questions in other sections, and do well in the interview round.

What makes Raj IAS Academy the best place to study sociology?

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