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Agalaga Island is Significant for India

Getting ready for UPSC starts with a solid foundation, and that’s where the Best NCERT Foundation Course for UPSC  comes into play. NCERT books form the base of UPSC exam preparation. At Raj IAS Academy, we make our approach to each student, recognizing that everyone learns differently. Our comprehensive UPSC preparation covers everything from current affairs to in-depth learning sessions, discussions, essay-writing practices, and optional subject studies. Today, we’ll share an important topic that’s in the spotlight.

India’s Strategic Importance of Agalaga Island

India recently built new things like an airstrip and a jetty on Agalaga Island, with the help of Mauritius. This island is in the southwest of the Indian Ocean, close to the Mozambique Channel, a big trade route. Many ships pass through this channel, about 30% of all the ships worldwide.

India thinks the Indian Ocean is important and wants to ensure it’s safe. So, it’s trying to make friends with nearby countries like Mauritius, Seychelles, Madagascar, and the Maldives. These countries are in good spots and important to India for different reasons.

Because the Mozambique Channel is so important for trade, Agalaga Island is also important for India. With the Indian Ocean becoming even more important for India, understanding why Agalaga Island matters is really important. This island is a big part of India’s plans for safety and working with other countries in the area.

Trade Routes and Global Significance of the Mozambique Channel

The big idea here is about the trade routes, which are super important nowadays. One of these routes is the Mozambique Channel, a big pathway for trade. It connects different places, like the Horn of Africa, which was recently in the news, especially about something called THIJ’s. If you want, Raj IAS Academy can write a blog about that, too.

The Mozambique Channel sees a lot of trade, and about 30% of all trade happens through it. This makes it important for trade and making sure we have enough energy. Also, the countries around it, especially in Africa, have a lot of valuable stuff like natural resources, which makes this area even more important.

India-Mauritius Relations and Strategic Cooperation

The relationship between India and Mauritius has been established since 1948, and it is marked by a high level of trust and friendship at various levels, including political leadership, diplomatic, and military communities. India’s respectful conduct towards all countries and its non-interference in their internal matters has earned it admiration globally. This mutual respect and non-interference make India a preferred country, reducing apprehensions from smaller nations. Furthermore, India’s focus on security cooperation and growth for all through initiatives like the “Sagar Mission” enhances its maritime relationships.

Whether it’s sales or Mauritius, it’s a beneficial idea for all. Information exchange and joint maritime security exercises—India undertakes initiatives with Mauritius that benefit both countries. India’s military presence in the region, including in countries like Maldives, is strategically important. With its One Belt One Road policy, China is expanding its influence globally, posing a threat to India’s interests. Understanding such dynamics is crucial for policymakers.


Remember, along with the Best NCERT Foundation Course for UPSC, ensure that all the important aspects of UPSC preparation we discussed are covered. Raj IAS Academy provides comprehensive 77 through various resources to facilitate easy learning. Keep in mind that every day and every moment is the best time to learn something new and explore new topics. Stay motivated and focused on your goals, for each step you take brings you closer to success. Believe in yourself and your abilities, and never hesitate to seek guidance or clarification when needed. With dedication and perseverance, you can conquer any challenge and achieve your dreams of becoming a successful UPSC candidate.



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