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The Best NCERT Foundation Course for UPSC

In the realm of cutthroat tests in India, the UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) examination is quite possibly the most renowned and challenging test. Students from all sides of the nation expect to break this examination and join the common administration. To accomplish this, solid groundwork is fundamental, and one of the most outstanding ways of building this foundation is through the NCERT (National Council of Educational Research and Training) course books. Raj Malhotra’s is the best NCERT foundation course for UPSC and is also generally acclaimed as one of the most incredible assets for students. In this article, we will investigate what makes Raj Malhotra’s course stand out as the top choice for UPSC preparation.

Comprehensive Coverage of NCERT Texts:

Raj Malhotra’s course is famous for its extensive coverage of the NCERT reading material. It fastidiously goes through the whole arrangement of NCERT books from Class 6 to 12, which are viewed as the foundation of UPSC preparation. Every section is analyzed exhaustively, guaranteeing that students have a strong comprehension of the nuts and bolts.

Simplified Learning:

Raj Malhotra’s teaching methodology is known for its effortlessness and clarity. He separates complex ideas in the NCERT books into straightforward language. This approach is especially beneficial for those from non-specialized foundations. His clarifications guarantee that even the most complicated points are understandable to all aspirants.

Interactive Sessions

One of the qualities of Raj Malhotra’s course is its interactive nature. Aspirants can participate in live meetings and clear their questions on the spot. This ongoing communication makes learning really captivating and assists students with accepting ideas better. It likewise cultivates a sense of community among UPSC aspirants.

Regular examinations:

Assessing one’s progress is vital in any test preparation. Raj Malhotra’s course incorporates standard appraisals, tests, and counterfeit tests. These tests are designed after the UPSC examination and assist students with assessing their strengths and shortcomings. By recognizing regions that require improvement, aspirants can concentrate their endeavors appropriately.

Personalized Guidance

Raj Malhotra and his group give customized directions to students. Aspirants can connect for one-on-one conferences, guaranteeing that their particular questions and concerns are addressed. This individualized methodology is important for people who need tailored support.

Current Affairs Combination:

In addition to NCERT textbooks, staying updated with current affairs is vital for UPSC preparation. Raj Malhotra’s course consistently incorporates current affairs into the NCERT prospectus. This approach guarantees that aspirants are completely ready for the unique part of the UPSC examination.

Success Stories:

Raj Malhotra’s course brags about the noteworthy success of effective aspirants. A large number of his students have proceeded to break the UPSC examination and are currently serving in different prestigious positions. These success stories act as inspiration and evidence of the effectiveness of his teaching.


The course is available to aspirants all over India. It is accessible online, making it helpful for those in distant regions or with busy schedules to get quality UPSC coaching.

In conclusion, Raj Malhotra’s is the best NCERT foundation course for UPSC and also stands apart as the most ideal decision for UPSC aspirants because of its thorough inclusion of NCERT reading material, improved simplified learning, interactive sessions, personalized guidance, customized direction, current affairs, and a background marked by examples of success stories. This course isn’t just about preparation for a test; it’s about building a strong foundation for a successful career in the civil service. Assuming you’re meaning to break the UPSC examination, Raj Malhotra’s course ought to be at the top of your list.


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