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What is a UPSC foundation course, and is it necessary?

UPSC foundation course

You must be interested in UPSC’s foundation training. The UPSC’s foundation training is a set of lessons to prepare people for the Civil Services Examination (CSE). That depends on the teaching center and what the candidates need. It can be for one or two years. History, geography, politics, economics, science and technology, and current events are just a few topics taught in the foundation courses for UPSC IAS. There are two parts to the UPSC exam: the preliminary and the main. The foundation study covers both of them.

Why Is IT Necessary To Join the UPSC Foundation Course?

Because there is a lot of competition for the test, people who want to take the UPSC CSE exam need to plan their preparation smartly to improve their chances of getting selected. Aspirants can think about taking UPSC foundation classes, where they can get professional help and the proper study tools to strengthen their preparation for the UPSC foundation exam. Read the things below to find out Why You Should Take the UPSC Foundation Course:


  • Affordable Fees: The UPSC IAS foundation course by Testbook is very cheap, so people who want to get into the service but can’t pay the high fees charged by colleges can still prepare. This Course is also made for them.


  • Expert Help: People who sign up for the UPSC foundation course will get help from experts on how to do well on the test. All of the Super Teachers have extensive experience in their own areas, and their knowledge will help people who are studying for the test.


  • Convenience: The UPSC foundation training is available online, making it easy to get help without being there in person. You don’t have to drive for online coaching, which saves you time and money. 
UPSC foundation training

The Raj IAS Academy offers the UPSC Foundation Course With the Following Features:

Regular 1-Year Classes:

To ensure the syllabus is covered gradually and comprehensively! Even after the live classes are over, you can watch the recordings and request access to live classes again if you wish to consolidate your preparation.

3 Hours Daily

The classes will be comprehensive, covering everything in detail.

Weekly Current Affairs Classes

To cover all important events and current affairs that have spread over two years.

Stage Wise Test Series

A stagewise test series will help you analyze yourself better and determine where you stand and where you need to put more effort.

Unlimited Doubt Support

Have a doubt? Call us/Text us. We are always happy to help you.

UPSC Foundation Course will teach you everything you need to know to do well on the IAS exam. Video lectures have already been recorded, and live classes, extra study materials, and test series cover everything. Remember that taking a UPSC foundation training is like putting money into your future. It gives you the information, skills, and confidence you need to complete the UPSC exam and become a civil servant. Are you ready to begin your IAS journey? Get in touch with Raj IAS Academy now!


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