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 Decoding Digital Governance

The digital world is bringing evolution to every sector. It opens the doors to several fields. People worldwide are enhancing their talent with the help of digital facilities and the Internet. It is incredible that even in government, digital technology is helpful in various ways.  In today’s digital age, understanding governance is more important than […]

Why are NCERT Books important in UPSC?

If you aim to pass the UPSC exams and build a career in civil services, you need to know about NCERT books. They’re super crucial for UPSC aspirants like you. In this blog, we will discuss why NCERT books are necessary for your studies. So, Raj IAS Academy provides the best NCERT Foundation Course for […]

Global Warming – Emissions Scenarios & RCPs

Everyday climate changes due to global Warming, Emissions Scenarios & RCPs. We must know about such things not only as UPSC aspirants but also as human beings. Whenever we take a class at Raj IAS Academy, students ask how we prepare daily current affairs for UPSC. Every teacher at Raj IAS Academy ensures you know […]

Understanding Critical Analysis Answer Writing

Answer writing is the very main part of UPSC exam. As an UPSC aspirant, you must start UPSC Mains Answer Writing practice from the first day. The more you will write the more you will gain experience in it. Your answer writing must be focused on quality and time management. You must understand how much […]

Agalaga Island is Significant for India

Getting ready for UPSC starts with a solid foundation, and that’s where the Best NCERT Foundation Course for UPSC  comes into play. NCERT books form the base of UPSC exam preparation. At Raj IAS Academy, we make our approach to each student, recognizing that everyone learns differently. Our comprehensive UPSC preparation covers everything from current […]

UPSC Prelims Booster Session

Hey there, UPSC aspirants! Preparing for your prelims? Feeling like you have missed any topic or current affairs. Don’t worry; Raj IAS Academy is here to help YOU! We’ll break down each topic from the prelims booster session by Raj Malhotra, providing a detailed understanding of the information you need to excel. Daily Current Affairs […]

How to prepare daily current affairs for UPSC

Preparing for the Current Affairs section of the UPSC exam can seem daunting, with new developments happening every day across a wide range of topics. However, with some planning and discipline, staying on top of current affairs is very manageable. Here are our top tips forhow to prepare daily current affairs for UPSC.  Plan Your […]